DIY no-waste merch

DIY no-waste merch

Making things is truly a love/hate thing for me.

I find it so therapeutic, so fulfilling, but (at times) SO unnecessarily wasteful.

So, when my husband’s band needed merch shirts I thought about how cool it would be to print them myself on old, cotton, thrifted tees.

The only hangup is that half the shirts have lost their sizing tags or have been pre-shrunk, etc. So these won’t be available online, unless one of us musters up the drive and free time to measure each one.

BUT if you’re in Northeast Ohio, you can grab one at their show on March 16.

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Here's a peek at the process:

Carving Block Prints

Inking Block Prints

Stamping block prints

Finished merch shirt


In other news, the Nanny Pack is currently in the testing phase and will hopefully be released this spring!

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