Hey, I'm Hannah

When I was young, my mom made me a bag out of my old ripped jeans. I was fascinated by the fact that something useless had been turned into something incredibly useful (and kinda cute).

Later in life, I started working at a leather handbag shop, which is where I learned most - if not all - of my sewing skills. I felt inspired by creating pieces that I knew would last a lifetime.

Now as I transition into fabric, I’ve found myself preferring to repurpose forgotten textiles, as well as learn much more about where the fibers come from in the first place.

I resonate deeply with the Fibershed project and participate actively in the Rustbelt chapter - working to keep fiber and textile production circular and hyper local (within 250 miles of Cleveland, OH). Oh, and I’m currently growing a plot of flax to process, spin, and weave into linen this fall. Wish me luck!