Spring 2023 big BIG plans

Spring 2023 big BIG plans

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to sew, and not a lot of time sewing.

This spring I have big goals. But not unattainable goals, of course.

I’m committing to sewing 2 items. Two. That’s it.

Can I manage? We’ll see.


To be Sewn 2023:

  1. Hallon Dress - Paradise Patterns

I want to make view B with a nice drape-y black fabric. I actually already have it - it’s from Blackbird Fabrics, but I bought it so long ago I don’t think it’s available anymore.

  1. Ilford Jacket - Friday Pattern Company

I’ve had my eye on this jacket for years. And while I acquired a beautiful, classic LL Bean chore coat on eBay a few seasons ago, I still just want to make my own - probably in 10oz duck canvas.


I also rediscovered this song the other day, which inspired the title of this post. What can I say, I’ve come to love pop country despite a lifetime of claiming it’s bad.



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