One Year, One Outfit

One Year, One Outfit

top: crocheted from alpaca yarn (springfield, oh)

skirt: sewn from ohio buckskin, buttons carved from walnut trees (athens, oh)

bag: crocheted from alpaca yarn (springfield, oh) and dyed with walnut husks (sparta, oh)

When I was focused on obtaining my own materials, there was a lot of time spent waiting - waiting for flax to grow, waiting for deer season, waiting for dyestuff to be ready to harvest. Luckily, I made a point to spend this downtime gathering as much knowledge and inspiration as I could by taking a weaving class at Praxis, sourcing other types of materials just in case (thank God), and consuming as much content as I could find on egg-tanning a deer hide.



For various reasons, the flax and the deer hide did not work out as I had hoped. And it wasn’t until leaves were falling when I realized I needed to change everything about what I imagined my outfit to be.

So I spent the winter sourcing already tanned buckskin and teaching myself how to crochet with the alpaca yarn I was so graciously gifted by Laurel at Bluebird Hills Farm.



All in all, I never expected this process to take so much time. And even though I was told repeatedly that pivots would happen, I didn’t expect to have a completely different outfit at the end than I originally envisioned.

I learned more skills than I thought I would in the past year, but one of the most important things I took away from this experience is that it takes a village to create circular clothing like this and that’s ok! I’m so glad I got to meet so many other folks who are as invested in supporting the fibershed as I am.

I’m excited to do it again with this fresh perspective!


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